How to cook crispy Fried Peking Dumplings

And much more tricks......

Cooking instructions for Peking Potstickers/Dumplings

Prepare: Sesame seeds&Corn starch package; Water about 400ml(water level approximately 2/3 of the body of dumpling); Green onion; Olive oil 15ml

1. Mix sesame seeds, corn starch and water together= liquid mixture

2. Drizzle olive oil 10ml onto a nonstick pan

3. Arrange the frozen dumplings(8-12) in the pan apart from each other

4. Pour the liquid mixture in the pan

5. Turn on stove to high

6. Waiting for 7-8 minutes

7. When the water is almost gone, drizzle oil 5ml on the pan

8. Cook until water is gone and the bottoms have turned golden brown.

9. Turn off the stove

10. Sprinkle green onion (scallions)

11. Enjoy your tasty dumplings