Can I go to one of the pick up points and get what I want?

Not yet, sorry for your inconvience and cooperation, but we need to keep our products as fresh as possible, we don’t want to keep them in our freezer for a long time, but you can order with PayPal and you will get what you want next day.

I like dumplings, but I’m not sure you have the dumplings I like.

Well, thanks for your straightforward, we are just making our favorite taste the best. In fact, we have dumplings served at the Vegetable Bar, if you are hesitating, please give it a try at The Vegetable Bar first.

Can I place an order outside of Cuenca, Ecuador?

Not yet. But if you have special needs, please email us at

Where are you delivery to?

Along and inside Av. De las Americas and Ecuador Highway 35 and along side Av. Ordonez Lasso from Av. De las Americas to Tapiazuay. You can always choose a pickup poit that near you and pick up there when you have time or contact us at for your special needs.

How can I pay you?

If you choose to pick up at one of our pick up points, feel free to pay us cash there, or you can pay us with PayPal, please note taht PayPal charges you an extra fee, but if you order more than $25, you’ll get free delivery(inside our delivery area).

I am not good at cooking, can’t even follow your video instruction, but I really want to try it.

No problem, we have dumplings served at The Vegetable Bar, Just go there and order our dumplings, chef there will prepare crunchy dumplings for you.

Do you have any new flavors of dumplings?

You are always welcome at any time to send us an email( to tell us your thoughts.