How to place an order with us

How to place an order with us

How to place an order with us :

1. Go to our shop at

2. Choose your favorite flavor and appropriate package.

3. Click the up/down arrow at the left of “Add to cart” to increase or decrease how many you wish to buy.

4. Click “Add to cart”.

5. Add other products to your cart.

6. Your cart is at the left of “SHOP” in the main menu, there is a white number inside a red circle.

7. If you want to know what is inside your cart, please click “Cart”, you have another chance to increase or decrease number of a product or delete a product if you decide not to buy this time, if you have a valid coupon code, you can apply here too,otherwise please click “Checkout”.

8. If you are not logged in, you will have three options here, first is loggin with your facebook or Google+ account(Socail Sign In), second is to login as a exsiting customer if you have a username and password with us already, and the third is to register a new user with us.

9. Fill in your billing details and choose one of our pickup point or Door to Door Delivery, you can choose to pay cash if you choose to pick up by yourself.

10. Click “Place Order” or “Proceed with PayPal” button.

11. If you choose to pay online with PayPal, follow the standard procedure to pay with PayPal.

10. Order Received, and you will receive a email that contains details of your order, please check the pick up point to determine when to collect.

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2 years ago

Hello, do you think you will ever make a pork/napa dumpling. Thanks.


2 years ago

Sure, of course we will, even only for you. Please email and tell us your specific needs, enjoy your dumplings….


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